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Most CrispClean Customers are in the Commercial, Industrial, Hotel and Leisure, and Clinical sectors.

These businesses want to present a clean and comfortable environment to their people and their visitors.

The challenge they face is finding a company that will enthusiastically address the cleaning requirements, manage the cleaning teams in a caring manner and provide them with opportunities to grow, set high standards of work, build a sound and enjoyable relationship with the client.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You are new in your role responsible for the cleaning services. 
Perhaps you’re brand new into this area or you’ve worked in a related area but this aspect is new. You have the training and experience to make a difference for your company and you’re looking to get the cleaning right quickly.

You have tried a number of companies but none of them have delivered what you’re looking for. 
You've been through the tendering process, listened to presentations from the big and some small players, taken up references and still met with disappointment when the new cleaning provider has moved in. Now you’re wondering if it’s down to trying out lots of companies until one really delivers for you, or is it possible to select a company you know will deliver?

You’re current cleaning provider is doing an acceptable job but you have a sense of dissatisfaction. 
The cleaning is done on time, the job is done, but there’s nothing new, no ideas or innovation, maybe little contact from the management. Somehow you feel you could get more from your cleaning provider.

You are responsible for many areas, maybe your job has grown, and the time you have needs to be allocated carefully. 
This is very common today, jobs grow and time has to be used very effectively.

You have a successful business and you want to do better.
You realize that the environment could deliver more for your people and create an even better impression for your customers.

You want to review the cleaning but are concerned about the team that does the job. 
The transfer of cleaning staff from one provider to another can be a difficult time, you want to know they will be treated well and that legal requirements will be respected.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You're in the right place.

Our clients and customers typically share many of the following characteristics. 
If these fit you as well, you are likely to benefit from our services.

High standards of excellence.
Good enough isn't. You want an excellent environment.

Interested in making a difference.
It's not just about cost but about making a difference for your own company and for your visitors.

Realise you can't know everything. 
You want to get the right people to apply their cleaning knowledge and expertise in your environment

Want to invest wisely.
Cleaning services are an investment and you want to get the right return.

Committed to mutually supportive relationships.
You’re looking for a company with which you can build a good long term  relationship, a self motivated company that delivers the job and thinks about tomorrow too.

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